Of course, this is not a great American dream, but long-term rental has its benefits. You don't have to worry about raising interest rates or corporate groups. You can move out right away, and contrary to traditional wisdom, you can make this place feel at home. There are nine ways to decorate without damage.

1. Create a special wall with stickers or tape

As you may have guessed, painting the walls is impossible without the consent of the landlord. But this does not mean that the wall is completely out of bounds.

2. Use temporary floor

Although your hands may be tied up, when it comes to replacing rug carpets and linen, you can always hide their sight. Cover the stains on the floor with a vintage rug, or consider buying some split wood panels or custom cut rubber flooring.

3. Show photo

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to leave a mark when renting a house is to decorate it with memory. You don't need to tell your entire life story, but you only need to provide a way to escape. Take photos with friends and family and showcase holiday souvenirs. This will not only add a little color to your rental, but will also help you smile when you are not good today.

4. Buy some art

This is a brain that doesn't need it, really. Adding some art elements to your wall is usually all that is needed to turn a monotonous rental house into a charming little room. It does not have to destroy the bank. Pick a vintage ad print from the local market, or buy some weird items from a specialty store, then put them together on a tray to form a coherent episode.

If you don't like to shop in antique shops and don't like to collect antiques, then you may save a sum of money to buy something that has personality, and build your other aesthetics on this foundation. This will allow you to inject a healthy personality into your home without leaving your home feeling messy.

5. Add plants

When renting a house, it is sometimes difficult to have a real feeling of being at home, but bringing some potted plants will invigorate the space and make it feel more lasting. Try the succulent plants in the bathroom, wearing a hard, peaceful lily in the shade and a fern in the shade of the house. Go wild, because no matter where you go, you can take your green leaf friends.

6. Replace old blinds and curtains

Windows are often overlooked by landlords, and dagger curtains and blinds often survive many rental modifications. The good news is that you can buy a cheap piece of furniture from IKEA and throw them away with the existing curtain rods. You can easily reverse any changes you make when you leave.

7. Use lighting to create an atmosphere

You don't have to use the light bulb that comes with the house, so if the light bulb is too dark or too bright, feel free to replace it. Once you have upgraded the light bulb, invest in some light bulbs. They double as a work of art, giving a softer, softer glow than most of the ceiling lights, and can be attached and removed without any trace.

8. Buy a mirror

Be sure to have a mirror when renting a house. They add space and light, adding a sophisticated look to your interior. The long mirror at the end of the corridor is great, and the flatter, smaller mirrors hang on the wall and look great. Discounted interior design shops usually have small decorative mirrors with wall security glue on the back. Buy one like this and watch out for a bigger one to round out the new look of your home.

9. Investment wall hanging

There are several different wall hangings on the market, and it would be a shame if you don't use them. You don't need to drill holes in the landlord's hole. They are the dream of every rental decorator, with hooks, clips, rails, and even small shelves. Many are designed to withstand heavy loads, so don't be shy when using them as furniture and shelves. Just make sure you respect the specific weight limits for each installation.