It is fun to share a house, but one day you will want to go alone. However, this does not mean that you must make more money.

Here are some ways you can live alone, while you have enough money to do what you like.

1. Be a professional home caregiver

If you like to live alone, but don't want to pay for a expensive apartment, consider sitting at home.

There are many famous home websites you can apply for, once you register, you can hop the house without having to pay a rent for a few months. You may have to take care of your pets and do some minor maintenance, but, considering all aspects, this is a great way to save money and experience living in a variety of different environments.

2. Rent a studio

Studio apartments usually have a kitchen, lounge and bedroom in a separate room. Although some couples can live in studio apartments, they are usually designed for an occupant. The biggest benefit of the studio is that the rent is much cheaper than other one-bedroom apartments, and they are usually located in the central area, which means you can live in a trendy place without paying the high rents that usually accompanies.

3. Renewal

If you find a perfect small apartment, you can stay there for a while, maybe it is worthwhile to negotiate a 24-month lease with the landlord in exchange for a small reduction in rent. Finding the right tenant is a tough process for the landlord. It takes time and money because vacancies mean losing rent. Therefore, a two-year lease can encourage them to reduce your spending by $10 a week.

4. Wait for it to come out

There are many times during the year when rents will rise and apartments will become hard to find. For example, the beginning of the year is often a difficult time because it is when students start college and move to different cities. This means that the rental market in January-March is usually in a state of madness. If you have a little room for manoeuvre, choose a quieter time of the year to find an apartment; you have more choices, and if you are the only one who applies to live in a vacant apartment, your bargaining power will be better than those People who compete with more than a dozen people are much stronger. 

5. Living in the suburbs

In general, the farther away from the city center, the cheaper the rent. Think about your lifestyle, travel habits and social life. Then choose a cost-effective suburb that will allow you to maintain your current lifestyle as much as possible. Also don't rule out any suburbs unless you thoroughly research them. The real estate market is constantly changing, and the suburbs are also undergoing renovations with new buildings. Revisiting the suburbs you excluded a few years ago to see if they meet your requirements now may be worth it.

6. Take advantage of any additional opportunities

When comparing different apartments, be sure to include the building facilities. If your apartment building has a cool rooftop terrace, you can save on gym membership by using the gym in your apartment building or renting a venue for your next party. Apartments with parking lots also bring another huge savings, eliminating the need for expensive permits or street parking. Similarly, being close to a cheap supermarket can save you money on weekly shopping.

7. Compromise

Remember: signing a lease agreement won't lock you in the apartment forever, and it's always wise to pay for it in your 20s. After all, once you are successful, you can always live in a swimming pool. So consider the old apartment instead of the most advanced downtown apartment. They are much cheaper and some are fascinating.