How to share a house

Have you considered a house or an apartment, but don't know what is involved or how to choose your colleagues? You are not alone.

Why is your roommate's pet the best?

A dog can be a great early morning running partner, and a cat can be a cute sofa companion on a cold night.

How to sublet with roommates

First, we recommend that you develop basic rules before you check in so that everyone knows what to expect from them. We also recommend writing these rules so that there is no "he said, she said." Writing it out – who pays what, how much or how much to pay – means that the bill is up, it’s not an embarrassing conversation.

How to rent an invisible house

Unless you try to live in, you will never really know what a place will look like, which is why renting an invisible house is not terrible.

5 ways to get cheaper rents

Unfortunately, renting is not cheap.

Five tips before renting to your friends

Or you are a renter, a friend or family member will provide you with a room. You think this is a win-win situation: they get a boost in cash flow, you inherit a landlord/roommate and he is also a friend. After all, what could be wrong?

You got the rent! What should we do now?

You have rented a house, what do you do next?

7 ways to win potential landlords

Have you ever applied for a rental and were rejected? Most people in the rental market will be rejected at some stage, and the landlord may not tell you why.

What does the notice of departure in Texas look like? Is it legal?

Pay attention to making a takeaway: important things to remember

How to prepare for rental inspection

Renting a check will put a lot of unnecessary pressure on the tenants, simply because many people don't know what to expect or expect. Here are a few simple ways to prepare for your rental check, so you can pass in bright colors and continue to impress your landlord.


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